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Monday, March 8, 2010

8th March 2010

A late and short post...

Got in, ate tea.....started looking at Peugeot gears....

Swapped front chain rings and cranks with newer Shimano 105 from same era (Bought from ebay a few weeks ago). Then had issues with front de-railer :-(

Swapped front chain ring from 105 back to Biopace.....still had front de-railer issues :-(

Spent lots of time re setting up front de-railer, it now just about works :-) Chain no longer appears to jump or get pissed off :-)

I will chalk it up as a minor success, although I never change up onto the bigger chain ring on the bike anyway so I dont know why I was bothered!

I had a really nice chat with a couple of guy's at Sustrans today, they have gone way up in my estimation :-) Thank you Alistair and James, They do care and are actively fighting to make a sustainable transport infrastructure.

I will now direct my efforts in highlighting how important the cycle routes are to the local council!


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