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Friday, March 19, 2010

19th March 2010

Worked right through lunch so I could get away earlyish...

Ended up being in a meeting and didn't get away that early :-(

When I got home it was absolutely precipitating down, but as I had planned to go out for a ride I didn't want to let myself down!
1800 Heavy  Rain 9.7 °C SSE 13 mph

6 km 1006 hPa, Falling
1900 Light  Rain 9.8 °C SSE 13 mph

6 km 1005 hPa, Falling
I went out on the Peugeot and the tailwind was awesome :-) I didn't fancy climbing any hills so I picked a reasonably flat route and just pounded along...

I was a bit dubious that when I reached the furthest extremity of the route and started heading home that the awesome tailwind would turn into a fearsome headwind but it just didn't seem to happen, granted I slowed down but the expected slog just didn't materialise :-)

I got back home at about 7:30 which was very lucky for me as we had booked a table for 8 at a foody pub :-)

The Garmin had the soggy ride as 23.32 miles in 1 hour 22 minutes with an average speed of 17 mph, route here...

The ride felt REALLY good, I still don't understand how I can do a 20 mile plus ride in the rain and not feel soaking wet through?


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