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Thursday, March 11, 2010

11th March 2010

I almost managed a 3 mile walk at lunchtime :-) 2.95 miles in 52 minutes (Just need to find another pesky 0.05 miles!) Route here...

When I got home I put the Dawes on the turbo and did a little fine tuning on the front de-railer.

The intention was to have tea, go for a walk with wifey and Rosie (dog) to wifey's Thursday evening thang then walk on home and go for a quick hour on the bike.

Problem was I didn't get back home until 7:45, the decent lights don't fit on the Dawes handlebars (To narrow) and I didn't fancy freezing my bits off and fighting with the main road traffic so I decided to give it a miss tonight.

But I WILL go out tomorrow night!


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