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Monday, March 15, 2010

15th March 2010

I had my first cycling nightmare last night :-( I woke myself up in a real tizzy I felt I was falling of my bike and unclipped from my imaginary pedal and banged my hand on the bedside table, I was really confused!!!

Well today was my legs taking payback for the agro I gave them over the weekend dragging the Hybrid around the Wiltshire countryside :-(

They have been aching ALL day...I managed to get out for a lunchtime walk, I thought the light exercise would ease them a little.

I wanted to find the elusive 0.05 of a mile to make the walk a nice round 3 miles, I headed of in the normal way and when I got to Warwick police station I carried on down the main road...It all seemed sensible on paper head down the road take the first right and head up the main street, some how I missed the right and ended up in a new area...I was lost!

I have spent 4 days a week in Warwick for nearly 8 years and I don't know the place at all!!!

I ended up heading towards the castle, then I found familiar territory, I bought a ham salad baguette and a couple of bacon wraps from Gregg's bakers (I have been famished all day to), I ate lunch on my way back to work....I ended up doing 3.66 miles in 55 minutes, route here...

I wonder if I could do 4 miles in the hour?

When I got back home I ate tea, not so famished now.....The intention was to give the Merida a once over (The last time I used it it was dry but the road was salted), I had a quick look at it and its clean and no sign of corrosion on the chain/sprockets (I will give it a clean at the weekend)

During the day I have had a nice email conversation with Joby, he has suggested a slight alternative route in Wales avoiding some A55 action....I have amended the route to suit NCR5 Day4, he has also agreed to meet up with us along the way :-)

I just hope I remember to make all the phone calls I need to along the way!

I have bought in to another challenge ride.......This time I'm dragging my son into it as well ;-)
Hyde Park Corner to Yatton Keynell a mere 97 miles on 13th June 2010. We are planning to get out on the bikes together one evening a week to get him up to speed. I am quite looking forwards to it :-)

Looks like I may have a busy summer ahead!


Clive Chapman said...

Your NCR5 pedal is starting to look like the Dallaglio Cycle Slam. You doing the whole route with various bloggers joining you for bits of it along the way!

John Berry said...

@Clive...It will be interesting to read everybody else's perspective :-)

I am actually really looking forwards to it now...and I wont be with any body long enough (Except Red bikes) to piss them off :-)

Red Bike said...

Oh no!!
I've just booked a campsite at Prestatyn. I can't open the RidewithGps site at work because my browswers too old so I can't see the new route.

Does the route still go through Prestatyn?
John can you email me a copy of the GPX file please?

John Berry said...

@Red...No worries mate....I haven't change the route that much!!!!

I will email you the gpx now...

John Berry said...

gpx and tcx sent :-)

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