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Thursday, January 7, 2010

7th January 2010

It was -7 this morning, the roads were frozen so I opted to work from home again today...

It was far to dodgy to venture out on the bike at lunchtime so I did 45 minutes on the rollers instead :-)

The computer had the session as 45 minutes with an average speed of 19.4 mph (13/34) covering 14.71 miles.

I have been contemplating the NCN 5 cycle and think I may do it over the long Easter break (Good Friday to Bank Hol Monday, with the provision of extending to the Tuesday), I will probably stop over at B&B/Hotels as it will be a tadge chilly to camp.


Joby said...

Grrr. Damn you Mr Berry! I want to do NCN5

John Berry said...

Joby....I am only thinking about it....I like the idea of doing the whole distance...and I would like to do 90+ miles a day, I dont think the other guys would be up for that sort of thing.

It would of course be good to meet up with everybody along the way.....Or even join me if you want. (I do not want to steel anybody else's thunder or plans)

Joby said...

I'll meet you at the end for a beer - LOL

John Berry said...

Beer, surely you mean cider :-)

Red Bike said...

I'm certainly up for the NCN5 route and I don't mind doing 100ish miles a day provided the pace is steady and theres not too many mountain passes.
Let me know if you fancy the company.

John Berry said...

@Red....Working out the route and logistics now, it would be great if you wanted to join in for all or part :-) I was thinking B&B's for night stops..

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