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Saturday, April 24, 2010

24th April 2010

I felt better this morning :-)

I got up and changed straight into cycle gear...A long sleeve top today (It was still a bit chill out!)

I headed of for the ChainGang at 9:20 for the 9:30 start, I was surprised to find only a handful of people there...

At 930 we headed of on the familiar route...It was a fair pace again this week (19.9 mph Average), with some people unfortunately taking some risks on corners and junctions :-(

As the ride progressed the weather warmed up and it was a very enjoyable ride...

The Garmin had the ride as 40.69 miles in 2 hours 3 minutes with an average speed of 19.9 mph, route here...

When I got back home, after a shower and change, I spent the afternoon snoozing in the sun..

In-between snoozing I finally got around to reading 'The Cyclists Training Bible'...more geared to training for road racing, but well worth the read anyway!

It explains some common sense things that I hadn't thought of! The main things I am now pondering are....weight training (winter), power training, diet (It appears my 2 a day Banana habit may not be a healthy option), recovery training and diet...

The book makes some sensible statements regarding the human body and the modern diet...

I have also been having some Blogger issues, I am finally going to make the move to Wordpress, I am hacked off with the sometimes flaky comment system and the lack of real customisation options...I have registered a new domain name and am in the process of re-organising my extensive web space :-) Once I am happy with things I shall switch it to speak :-)

No blog taking shape at Please have a look and tell me what you think so far....


Les Beales said...

Yeah mate looked at ure Blog the other day and it was all over the place mate.
Ure point bout taking risks on corners and junctions these ppl can't av an imagination, cud end up in a worst state than me or perish the thought dead.
I mite look at wordpress as long as its not to complicated especialy as I av a bit of time on my hands if u pardon the pun

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