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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20th April 2010

Went to work today....but not to Warwick :-)

Instead I went to Benson in Oxfordshire....Nice to go somewhere familiar but different...

It was really nice to get up at a civilised time and get back home at a civilised time :-)

I stopped on the way home in Halfords and picked up a new cycle helmet..the old one has served 2 years service and has been dropped a few times...

I also picked up a set of pedals and a topeak pump...

When I got back home I fitted the Dawes Hybrid for wifey and swapped the SPD pedals for the new flat pedals..

I am now ready for the new bike :-)....unfortunately its not going to be here for another couple of weeks :-(

I am going to the Lake District on Hols in July and I was intending taking 3 bikes...Wifeys Mountain bike the Dawes and the Merdia Race, I am going to do the Fred Whitton 4 seasons challenge, and go cycling with wifey...Now I am only going to take two bikes, the Dawes set up for wifey and the New Merida Cross....I should be able to do the wifey leisure rides and the Fred Whitton on it...I hope!

When I finished all of my tinkering I settled down to play computer games, but my friends obviously got bored waiting for me and they were all gone :-(


Matt said...

ahhh, should have given us a shout, could have easily had a brew!
Sounds like you will be having a good holiday

Les Beales said...

John wot games do you play and on wot system my PSN name lezzzzzz

John Berry said...

@Matt...I would have...but I finished at Benson later than I had I got in the car and headed straight home...

@Les...I normally play on PC, current games we play are Counter Strike Source, Battlefield Bad Company 2...We do have a PS2, XBOX, XBOX360, Game Cube....but as I still play the XBOX more than any other console I have not bothered with PS3 or Wii

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