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Friday, November 27, 2009

27th November 2009

Got home, ate a nice Moo Pie for the evening meal :-)

After tea, I set about making some mud flaps for the Peugeot, I am hoping that it will a) Help stop the running gear getting so manky b) help stop anybody following me getting manky.

I also swapped the hand me down Schwalbe Blizzard tyres for the Michelin Krylion Carbon tyres that I removed from the Merida, Although the tyres do not have any tread they do have a VERY good anti-puncture band...I am hoping for a decent set of winter tyres for my Xmas prezzy.


Russ said...

Was that a Pie Minister Moo Pie?

Red Bike said...

I think i'm going to have to copy you on the mud-guards. Just as soon as Trendz cycles can be bothered to send me my guards (ordered over 2 weeks ago!)

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