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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 137 (Saturday)

I wanted to prove to myself that my century ride last week was not a fluke, So I cleared another complete day out with wifey.

I got up reasonably early and set of at 8:15 on a planned ride around some of Wiltshire, Thamesdown and Gloucestershire's white horses. In the end I only saw 3 white horses! I think I now know what the 'Zone' is! - Its where you focus out the real world and just get on with moving forward.

The first horse of the day was Cherhill

At about 15 miles I passed Silbury Hill and Avebury Stone Circle.

At Avebury the rather cool hazy sky cleared and the sun came out, now I really like the sun but I have noticed that fluid consumption goes up massively with sweat! and energy seems to get sapped by sunshine!

The next white horse was at Hackpen Hill, and It was a complete B*stard climb!

From here it was a lovely ride through Marlborough and I am sure I missed some white horses! I came across my first potential JOGLE issue, the planned route the road was closed and I had to use my racing pidgeon internal navigation.....Then I stopped started the GPS on the phone and turned around and cycled back a mile or two!

I couldnt believe that I actually cycled beyond Membury and under the M4, I then headed towards Ashbury and back on to almost familiar territory (I used to drive the road regulary when I first joined the RAF)

Then I cycled past what I consider to be the only REAL white horse at Uffington

The reason I consider it to be REAL is - ALL of Wiltshire/Glouctershire Hillside horses are 1700/1800 but Uffington that's different it was created between 1200 and 800 BC!

Just after Uffington at 55 miles I stopped to eat my sandwiches - even though I had been munching on Jaffa cakes and malt loaf I still needed my lunch!

From Lunch it was a tail wind to Ashbury and Highworth, then on to Cricklade and the route had me crossing a rather busy dual carriageway and then travelling down it for 3/4 mile, It was not pleasant!

From Cricklade I was supposed to go straight to Wootton Bassett via Purton and Hook, unfortunately I got lost again! and I ended up cycling down the Great Western way into Swindon, I then unfortunately ended up cycling down another busy dual carriageway to Wootton Basset.

Then it was plain sailing home! via Lyneham and Calne.

Total distance cycled was 100.13 miles in 6 hours 41 min (Cycle computer) although elapsed time was 7 hours 15 min that includes 2 'Where the hell am I?' stop's and lunch ;-)
Average speed was down to 14.4 mph this I think can be explained by 1) Headwind in the first 50 miles and 2) I changed the pedals and shoes on the bike and at 85 mile I got the worlds worst pin's and needles in my left foot.
And the maximum speed again was 43 mph :-)

I ended up consuming 2* 750 ml Torq, 1 * 500 ml Gatorade and the camel back 1500ml was almost empty, 1 * Malt Loaf and about 15 Jaffa Cakes!


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