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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 127

Part 1...

Got up early and went straight out, setting of at 6:24 on the borrowed Peugeot ;-)

Did my normal Wed morning Chipp -> Dauntsey -> Lyneham -> Calne -> Chipp ride

The conditions were not Ideal but I did the 22 miles in a record 1 hour 14 min with an Average speed of 17.6 mph (Not bad for the first ride on a different bike!)

The big difference is being able to get down out of the wind

Part 2...

Decided to go out on the Dawes so I could have a better understanding of the differences
I set of on the reverse Lyneham ride at 5:30 and had an absolutely stunning ride ;-) Route here
I accomplished the 21.4 miles in 1 hour 12 min with an average speed of 17.7 mph (Topping this mornings speed!)

So having spent an hour on both bikes...The Dawes is smoother, better geared the Peugeot Road bike has drop handle bars so I can get out of the wind and have more places to hold the handlebars.

What I need is a bike of the Dawes quality and gearing with drop handle bars!


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