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Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 129

Got home

Washed bike, de-gunked chain, de-gunked rear cassette and front chain set oiled chain all in preparation for tomorrow's ride.

No plans to ride tonight.....

I am anxious about the conditions for tomorrows ride, the plan is to cycle from Home to Dorset (Just over 100 miles) , I am already considering the viability of cycling the return instead of driving back.

Rebuilt laptop again..still no post, Final attempt this evening before giving up as a bad idea, I will remove CPU from heat sink and ensure its mounted in the zif socket properly before re-thermal pasting it, I am almost certain the CPU isn't fitted properly

Stop press...... The CPU wasn't in properly, Removed it from heat sink, cleaned it, fitted it and now the laptop works again ;-)


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