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Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 115

Managed to get home in time to get over to Giddeahall for 6pm to meet Dave for a cycle.

I obviously had an advantage that I cycled from Chippenham To Giddeahall and was warmed up already (5 Miles).

We Cycled from Giddeahall -> Biddestone -> Box -> Bathford -> Kingsdown ->Wraxall -> Atworth -> Shaw -> Gastard -> Biddestone -> Giddeahall. Route here...

The Ride was about 25 miles giving me a 30.5 mile total.

It was a really good ride out, I feel that the five of us doing Jogle MUST get out together on a number of rides otherwise we will have difficulties. Riding with Dave showed me that I am now much stronger and the 25 mile ride with somebody of Dave's experience did not phase me at all.

I am looking forward to going out on Sunday with Dave for the 50 mile ride.


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