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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 123 (Saturday)

Got up and faffed about a lot!

Wifey sorted me out with Malt Loaf and Jaffa Cakes ;-)

I eventually set of at 9:15 on a planned 60 mile ride, I headed towards Castle Combe crossing over the M4 at Acton Turville, then crossed over the M5 (And had a chuckle at the stationary traffic)

At Rudgeway I set of North on the A38

On the A38 there are a couple of really nice views down the Severn.

At Dursley I missed the right turn and carried on for half a mile or so before trurning around and heading in the right direction...

At 39 miles I encountered a complete B*stard of a hill, It was only 13% but went on for ever! I took a photo at the top looking back at the 1:7 sign

I ended up back in familiar territory at Tetbury and then it was a simple saunter home via Malmesbury. The route can be seen here...

I ended up covering 63.39 miles with a ride time of 4 Hours 15 and according to Trackme an elapsed time of 4 Hours 38.

On arriving home I cooked poached eggs for lunch.....Then I fixed the mountain bike (I have now used the last of the serviceable rear wheels that do not have a home)

Then went for a short doggy cycle (5.1 miles) with wifey and Rosie, on return walked 3'ish miles to Halfords and spent gift vouchers (Bought a better cycle helmet and a Cycle Jersey)

Finally Cooked Roast Pork Tenderloin and invented an apple cider sauce using some wind fall from the garden.

Tommorow I have a nice 48 mile ride planned with a nice stop at Twatley for photos for Russ planned route here....

Ohhh Just noticed I have now cycled over 2000 miles!


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