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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 124 (Sunday)

Got up early cooked porridge for wifey 'n' me for breky then went straight out, wifey had planned a nice 48 mile ride so that I could take a picture of Twatley for Russ.

Wifey took a picture of me in my new clobber before I set of ;-)

Problem is there are NO road signs or place signs of Twatley, I ended up in the centre of Malmesbury most disappointed, I thought perhaps I had missed a small left turn or something, but studying the map there is only one road through Twatley and it was the one I was on!

Somehow I ended up doing 2 extra miles from the planned route arriving home having done 50.97 miles in 3 Hours 12 Mins (There was a nasty Head wind on the home stretch)

The route is here... having re-plotted it and comparing it to wifey's, the 2 miles comes from inaccuracy of plotting (I try and make the route follow the roads, wifey clicks in the general area of a road!)

When I got back from the ride I was famished so wifey cooked some pancakes for lunch ;-) We then took Rosie for a walk, then went and spent the WHSmith gift vouchers (Thanks Mic 'n' Marian :-) we bought a whole load of cook books)

Now I am preparing Roast Pork for evening meal......


DaveTheA said...

Shame about the loose fitting shorts!

Get some real cyclist's kit; you will not be able to ride a road bike with baggies.

How about details of some prospective road machinery?

Oh, and another thing! I rode through a hedge on Friday ... swear that Andy Wiggins pushed me! ;-)

Russ said...


Russ said...


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