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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 113

WFH day today...

No morning ride as I had to drop Motorbike of for MOT ;-(

Evening ride was delayed as it is our wedding anniversary and I cooked tea. (Cod fillets poached in white wine, mash and beans/peas and a rue sauce)

Intention was to go for a 30 mile ride as I missed this mornings outing, but the light was already poor when I set off so I just did my normal Chip -> Calne -> Lyneham -> Dauntsey -> Chip route with a slight change at the end as Chippenham High street was open and the normal cycle route I use is closed for bridge repairs.

I now have a proper cycle top and some cycle underwear instead of cycle shorts, It made a BIG difference, I normally get home soaking wet and my T-shirt normally weighs twice its weight in water (Even without rain), The cycle top remained light and I wasn't ringing wet! (I guess these cycle cloths have function more than a weird fashion statement!)

Tonight I cycled 21.47 miles in 1 Hour 14 Min with an Average Speed of 17.2 mph with Lyneham met office quoting a 6mph SSW wind I am very happy with that ;-)

The first outing with proper cycle top and cycle underwear was a success and I will be looking to purchase some more, problem is I will want cool looking tops (Marmite and Bones etc) and wifey will want sensible prices!!!


Nathan said...

I think this means I was RIGHT!!!!! Welcome to the world of lycra, enjoy your cuddle!!!!!!

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