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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 114

Wifey and rely's went fishing so had BBQ Mackerel for tea ;-)

I was going to go for a 20 mile ride but due to the BBQ couldn't set off until later than planned so went out for a 10 on the mountain bike instead..

Cycled along the cycleway from Chippenham to Black Dog Halt and back 10 Miles in 41 Mins 24 Secs...

I went to a cycle shop at lunchtime today to pick up Joy's bike with her.

It is a really good bike, I hope Joy can get used to it...

I bought some ergonomic hand grips to see if they would ease the hand discomfort only to find they are Ergonomic GP1 and the Dawes already has Ergonomic GP2 grips, So I modified them and fitted them to the mountain bike instead ;-)

I have also replaced the first set of cleats on the SPD-SL shoes as the yellow 'treads' were falling apart.

I am looking forward to going out on the ride with Dave tomorrow to see how much - if at all that I have improved


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