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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 110 (Sunday)

Got up at 730 ish and went out in the general direction of Marlborough with no real plan in mind....

I was overtaken going up hill at the Ridgeway and I worked to keep up with the guy (who appeared to slow down a mile or so after passing me) I then overtook him going into Marlborough and we both commented on its easier when you have somebody to follow, we cycled together through to Pewsey - It was fantastic, it really pushed me, and I actually think I may have been pushing the other guy along as well ;-)

After Pewsey things slowed down a bit mainly due to turning into a head wind ;-(

On the return leg I stopped for a munch and glug and took some piccies of the middle of nowhere;-)

If you look at the hills in the distance you can see the rain showers that I carefully avoided ;-)

More fields waiting to be harvested....

Further along the road were some interesting straw bundles.

It can hardly be cost effective unless the straw is used for something and needs to be undamaged???

The last 20 miles was a tough slog and I was very pleased to get home....

Today I managed 47.9 miles in 3 hours 4 mins with a Max speed of 41 mph and an Average speed of 15.6 mph.

The route ended up being Chippenham -> Calne -> Marlborough -> Pewsey -> Rushall -> Devizes -> Chippenham the gmap can be found here...

On getting home I was completely soaked in perspiration and I have new muscle aches....I worked hard today! It was good to see that I could hold a reasonable pace with somebody that appeared to be a fit cyclist ;-)


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