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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 120

Had a good nights sleep. I think I can get used to camping!

Ohh managed to rip my big toe nail of last night, I currently have it sticky plastered up :-(

Set of at about 8 am and had traversed two mountain passes by 10 am. Now they were steep roads! They did however make me feel good as they were 30% hill's and seemed no steeper than Bowden/Naish Hill just a lot longer!

On our travel's we bought another doggy back pack, this one is a bit more solid and Rosie fitts it better

When we got back to the campsite wifey, Rosie (In back pack) and I repeated yesterdays cycle around Esthwaite Lake, This time I had the cycle computer and it showed the round trip as 6.1 miles (so yesteday I did 8 miles) When we returned I droped wifey and Rosie of and went for a realy tough ride to the end of Coniston Lake (Where Donald Campbell crashed on the water speed record attempt) I ended up cycling 17.3 miles.

It is very difficult cycling down unknown roads when you don't know any of the place names! I only turned around at the end of Coniston Lake because it was 5:10 and due to the hills it was going to take a fair time to get back, I will have to carry a map when in uncharted territoty!

Todays total was 23.4 miles a bit short of the planned 40 but I didn't set out till late!

No plans for tommorow we will see what happens!


Anonymous said...

Helloo again,
Hire a boat and drive up to Peel island on Coniston - it's where Swallows and Amazons was filmed.

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