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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 126

Nathan has kindly let me borrow his Peugeot road bike to see how I get on with a road bike.

I set the gear's up when I got home (They were very badly set up, a few moments tweaking had everything running perfectly), I then set the saddle and handle bar heights appropriate for me ;-)

I then took it out for a short ride 6.4 miles. Route here...
Wow......It is the difference between the cheap mountain bike and the Dawes again on top of the Dawes. I powered straight up Derry Hill without a second thought, and going down Old Derry Hill tucked down over the handlebars was sooooooo quick ;-) It was great......And cycling into the headwind was a completely different experience.

I will finish fitting my wireless cycle computer to it and take it on my normal 20 tomorrow morning, I am expecting a major change in round time.

I think the idea of getting a road bike to do JOGLE is definitely the right thing to do.


Joy said...

Don;t you mean Ferrari, not Peugeot...???

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