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Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 121

Got up early!

Went for a walk along Coniston Lake,then drove all around the lake in preperation for cycling around it later :-)

Went for a cruise on Lake Windermere, then swapped car for mountain bikes and cycled to Wray castle at about 5.1 miles there was a distinct phsssssss noise coming from my back tyre, I swapped to wifeys bike and rode the remaining 2 miles back to the car and picked wifey up, due to the slightly buckled wheel and the puncture I decided not to do the planned Coniston Lake ride. Instead we hired a rowing boat and I rowed the length and breadth of Esthwaite Lake.

Tommorow we drive back home :-( and I plan to go for a "Proper" ride on the Dawes.

This week although minimal riding has been a good experience. I have now seen real mountain roads and experienced riding in totally unknown territory. I must say the latter bothers me the most!


Joy said...

Good to see you tried out a REAL sport. Next time, sliding seats!!

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