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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 117 (Sunday)

Had a very late night last night due to our anniversary and birthday parties (Joint as we are skin flints ;-), birthdays aren't until October)

Woke up early (6:30) and cleaned the bike up a bit, (De-gunked the chain and re-oiled it)

The planned ride was about 50 miles.

Dave arrived at about 8:30 and he had cycled over (7 miles) so I rethought the plan down to a 40 mile ride, he was still going to be doing 50 miles!

We set off towards Calne -> Avebury -> Clatford -> Devizes -> Chippenham ...Route Here

It was a very pleasant 40 mile ride, there appeared to be a 360 degree head wind????? that made the going tough!

It was fantastic riding with Dave again, I have a lot to learn about riding in a group! it is very easy to cyle with somebody when you are following, however I find when I am in front I find it difficult to pace myself at a speed that is comfortable for others.

I feel that I have learnt allot again this weekend, problem will be putting it into practise as I cycle by myself 99.9% of the time.

Today I have cycled 39.51 miles in 2 Hours 23 Mins with an Average Speed of 16.51 and a Top Speed of 43 Mph. According to Lyneham MET Office the Wind speed and Direction was 17Mph SW Gusting to 32 Mph.

Thank you Dave ;-) It has been a great experience riding with you this weekend ;-)


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