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Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 122

Back home :-(

Set of from the Lake District at 7:30 am arrived back in Chippenham at 12:15pm Unloaded the car then went shopping and washed and hoovered the car out (Nobody told me that when camping the car turns into a shed! and ours had half a lake district field in and on it!)

On return cut the grass then went for a 20 mile ride on the Dawes. (Well actually 20.81 miles!)

It was nice to get back out on a descent bike! I should have listened to Dave when he said to take the Dawes with us! (I must admit I was worried about bike security!)

Tomorrow I will fix the mountain bike again! (This time once and for all)

The blog by email appears to work perfectly ;-) I was doing my blog in the evening and having to wait to send it until I found a place that had a phone signal (Bit of a shock the hills appear to affect phone range!)

And finally I wanted to post a picture of one of the best road's I have ever driven along....

The picture is the road over Hardknott Pass, I think we should possibly avoid cycling anywhere near anything like it! (Although the picture opportunities would be awesome!)


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