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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 208 (Sunday)

Up early, normal Sunday house tidy then straight out on the bike.

There was an icy cold strong wind, so I thought I would go for a shorter '20' ride, I set of towards Calne then Lyneham, Then my chain fell off :-( I fitted it back on and adjusted the de-railer.
When I got to Sutton Benger I felt like going a bit further, so I turned right and headed towards Maud Heath's causeway and up the VERY punishing and steep Wick hill where a statue of Maud Heath can be seen.

(Photo from wiki, I didn't have my camera!)

Then It was down hill to Stanley and back to Chippenham.

A round trip of 25.12 miles that unfortunately took 1 hour 42 minutes to complete! (It was one hell of a headwind! and when I say Wick hill is steep it is! ) The route can be seen here...

On arrival back home I de-gunked the chain and gave the bike a wash, then applied some nice new oil to the chain, and gave the shiney metal bits a spray of WD-40.


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