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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 207 (Saturday)

Got up at a reasonable time, had porridge for breky, then went for a walk at West Wood's

On the way back home we stopped of at Peddlers and I bought some Cyclo-cross tyres and some slime inner tubes for the Dawes and ordered up the rest of the kit for the new bike (Scheduled delivery expected in December)

When we got back home I swapped out the slick tyres for the cyclo-cross tyres, had lunch, picked up the post (My thermal overshoes have turned up ;-) then set of for a cycle ride.

I had intended to do a white horse route that was published in Cycling Plus magazine, however due to the 1pm start and the expected 88 miles, I decided to shorten the ride but still take in all of the white horses ;-)

The route I ended up doing is here...

I set of on the familiar ride to Calne and then on to Cherhill were the first white horse was seen...

I then headed through Avebury then headed on for a couple of miles and turned right at Broad Hinton where the second white horse could be seen.

From here it was a tough climb up the hill then onto Marlborough and then Pewsey, at Pewsey it was a right turn to Wilcot where I saw an unscheduled white horse.

Alton Priors the third 'proper' white horse was visible.

Then it was on to Devizes and the fourth white horse.

And then it was straight on to Chippenham and home.

I must plan my rides a little better, by the time I got back home it was starting to get dark.

Today I cycled 52.59 miles in 3 Hours 20 minutes with an average speed of 15.7 mph and a top speed of 44 mph.

I didnt find the extra drag of the wider cyclo-cross tyres to noticeable, but the over shoes were fantastic ;-) Interestingly I had NO sign of knee problems but I did find my upper legs ached a little.


davethea said...

Great write up; like the additional horse too!
Glad to hear the overshoes did the biz.

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