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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 190

Worked at home today.
Unfortunately I got absorbed into work and didn't make it out at lunchtime ;-(

So after tea I spent an hour (Yes a whole hour!) on the turbo trainer, due to popular demand (Ray) I have moved the computer transmitter from the stationary front wheel to the very dynamic back wheel and will now add the Turbo statistics to the statistics panel. Unfortunately the computer did not receive a signal from the transmitter when on the handlebars so I had to remove it and put it on the floor near the back wheel, this meant that just over 2 minutes of stats were not captured.

It was very interesting to see that I actually do just over 20 mph whilst going nowhere!

Any way here's what I did today (Note I actually did an hour but the computer was on the handlebars for just over 2 minutes and it didn't work)

Cycle Time (Computer) 58 minutes
Distance 19.7 miles
Average Speed 20.2 mph
Maximum Speed 35.4 mph


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