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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 180 (Sunday)

Plan was to do normal Sunday house tidy then cycle to Lacock with wifey and Rosie (dog) for lunch, unfortunately the early morning fog didn't clear until after lunch.

So instead I set of on my 'normal 30' It was all going very well until after I cycled up Dunkirk hill then I noticed that the left hand crank had worked loose again, and I had foolishly left my tool kit at home! so I turned around and headed back home, at Bromham it was no longer possible to cycle so I walked to a friends house (less than 1/2 a mile) , I called up wifey to bring my tool kit and repaired the bike, I then continued back home.

Photy of Dunkirk hill going into Devizes

I actually ended up cycling 20.57 miles and put in the fastest top speed to date 45 mph! going down Old Derry Hill ;-) I actually left the cars behind and broke the 40 mile speed limit!

I am a bit miffed that the crank worked loose I had been checking it by a push/pull check every couple of weeks it appears that I will actually have to test everything for tightness instead of just looking at it!

Anyway not all bad today, the weather was excellent again, I met up with an old friend and I achieved the fastest top speed- oh and the lesson is ALWAYS carry the tool kit! things come undone when you dont expect it.


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