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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 169

WFH Day...and I have LOTS to do :-(

I did however stop at 11:30 as planned and went for my 'normal 20', I focused on trying to keep the cadence up and trying to keep my right leg straight, I have a tendency to let my knees drift outwards at the top of the pedal stroke, I think this may have been the reason for the tendon issue.

Although the ride was shorter than I have been used to of late, it was still reasonably tough as there was an 18mph westerly wind, but the extremely good news is that I had NO sign of any knee issues at all ;-)

I did the 21.65 miles in1 hour 20 minutes with an avs of 16.2 and an exciting max speed of 40 mph ;-)

It felt good to be out on the bike again ;-)


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