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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 92

Part 1...

WFH day ;-) Got up at 6, had breky then went straight out for a ride.
Did Chippenham -> Dauntsey -> Lyneham -> Calne -> Chippenham a total of 22.08 miles, the conditions were perfect for cycling and I covered the distance in a record braking 1 hour 15 min with a new top average speed of 17.4 mph.

I climbed up Dauntsey Banks hill at 10mph!

The intention is to go out and do the reverse direction after 5:30 or even try and do a 30 mile trip, but we will see what the weather and day in the office brings....

Part 2...

Stopped work at 4:50 and took dog for walk, aim was to warm up a little before getting on the bike.

Logistical and timing issues meant had to have evening meal at 5:30 so ate then set of at 6pm.
I did the reverse ride of this morning - with exception of Chippenham's one way systems. It was a completely different ride, there was a head wind for almost the whole ride. still covered 21.65 miles in 1hour 18mins with an average of 16.4 mph.

It does put everything into perspective. I have managed to do over 43 miles AND fit in a full days work! I now think that 90 miles per day is more than just a possibility. The main issue's are energy and fluid intake.

I have now also repaired the Mountain Bike... I 'borrowed' a wheel from 'Boy Wonders' bike ;-) (He does not use it now and its destined for the scrap heap) It does however have a seven gear threaded free-wheel unit as opposed to the original six - I have ordered a tool to undo the thread.
But the wheel fits and the gears appear to work properly ;-) but I have a newer six and the seven is heavily worn.

Ohhhhhh I just noticed I have already cycled over 150 miles this week!!!! perhaps I aught to add weekly mileage to the stats ;-)


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