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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 82 (Sunday)

Hmmmm today I feel like a V8 firing on 2 cylinders!

I thought I woke up early! but once I could see straight it wasn't!
Made some Porridge for wifey, daughter 'n' me for breky ;-)

Went to shops to do weekly shop with wifey had lunch out ;-)

Finally set of on Mountain Bike at 15:15 (It was raining!)

Cycled same route as last week to Avebury on sustrans cycle route 4, found the wilderness path to Kennet and Avon went about 2 miles down it, I was getting soaked, had run out of water and was feeling VERY tired (Lack of sleep) so decided to give up and turned around returning to Silbury Hill and cycled back home down the A4. (When I am NOT sleep starved and the weather is better I will try again!)

4 Important lessons learnt today!

1) Wearing a rain mac on a bike is pointless. You end up as wet inside as you do out! inside is sweat! outside is rain!.
2) Always carry change. I had NO money to buy a drink! (I normally always have a couple of pounds on me- I took all my change last night and spent it all!)
3) NEVER Cycle through puddles you cant see the ground through! - I almost came a cropper at RAF YATESBURY, I cycled through a track wide puddle to find the front wheel disappear up to the axle and almost went over the handlebars! (Luckily I was going slow enough to cycle up the submerged mountain without putting my feet down!)
4)Cycling through 10 miles of puddle is fun! 30 Miles is VERY Tiring

The sustrans route 4 has a non bike friendly bridge! The steps are steep!

Ended up doing 33.2 miles, ariving home at just gone 6, I was soaked. Had shower warmed up and then cooked tea (Roast Pork Tenderloin, with crushed baked new potatoes and a hot sauce for wifey, daughter and son, and a honey and mustard sauce for me :-) (all home made of course!)

I have now realised I am addicted to cycling in a similar way to I WAS smoking. I just dont feel happy unless I go out?????? I think I may be a sport billy!!!!!! (I have now had my first trip to a sports stadium ;-) - Ok it was to see a metal band, but....I am on the slippery slope!)

Received a fantastic email from Andy Gibbons yesterday (He was the chance encounter in Devizes who was on day 1 of a 2000 mile end to end both ways trip! on my training Day 61) He has finished the journey ;-) achieving an average daily mileage of 110 miles, it diminishes our little jolly into insignificance.


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