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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 91

Got home normal time and decided I would go out for a ride on the Mountain Bike to Lacock, Intention being to climb up Nash Hill.

I got about 2.5 miles down the cycleway when the rear wheel became loose, On first inspection I thought the rear axle had sheared. Wifey rescued me ;-) And on return home I removed the wheel and found that the rear bearing had collapsed. (I had done my normal check over the bike before I set of and everything appeared OK at that point).....

Thank god the bearing didn't collapse on Sunday!

SO tonight I did 2.5 mile ride + 2 mile walk wifey transported me in the car for the last half mile (I wont add it to my stats!)

I will attempt to salvage a wheel from another bike in the shed........


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