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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 89 (Sunday)

Woke up and got up early.

Had some toast for breky then took Rosie (Dog) for a walk to Morgans Hill (Apparently the sight of gallows in the 1700's and named after 'John Morgan', who in 1720 robbed his uncle and murdered him to avoid detection, but was caught and hanged on the hill before a large crowd)

Took loads of pictures of wild Orchids 'n' things ;-)

Got back home at 10 ish - Did normal Sunday house tidy, Cut grass then Got Mountain Bike out and checked it over, re-adjusted brakes and tightened rear wheel bearing also fitted a bell that I found lurking in a kitchen drawer ;-)

Obviously one we bought for the children and they never used...

Cooked pasta salad for lunch, then set of at 12:45 for a ride on the Mountain Bike - determined to find the track to the Kennet and Avon from Avebury as detailed here... , well I did find it ;-)

If you open the picture and look at the hill in the background you will see the track climbing over it! (And I did!)

I ended up joining the Kennet and Avon and found out what happens to paths that people dont normally venture down....

They become a little overgrown...

The unpaved canal paths are also NOT a smooth surface to ride along.

I decided NOT to stay on the Canal path to Semington but left it at the bottom of Caen Hill Locks.

(cheating here picture I took in February when a lock gate was being replaced!)

I then cycled directly back to Chippenham on the A342 covering a total of 41.2 miles in 3 hours 35 mins (Cross country for 30 of them!), clocking up the highest speed to date 42mph going down Old Derry Hill

So this weekend I have travelled 75.08 + 41.2 = 116.28 Miles! And I can still walk and talk......I must be mad........

The 90 miles per day the way I see it at the moment is going to be VERY tough.

Currently now cooking roast pork for family........(Cider gravy and Apple sauce of course).


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