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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 259

Ventured out at 9:30 ish on the Dawes, I made plans to drop in and visit a friend in Colerne at 11, but I never made it :-(

It was very cold when I set of Lyneham had it at -1.1 but I wrapped up in plenty of layer's and was reasonably toasty. I set of towards Calne -> Lyneham -> Sutton Benger -> Chippenham, then I turned right on the A420 towards Ford at about 3 miles there was a distinct phsssssss coming from the back wheel and I noticed green slime from the self sealing inner tube was spraying the bike green. No problem, I thought its a self sealing tube! Unfortunately it was a shard of glass and the self sealing tube didn't!

I had to do a puncture repair on the side of the road :-( and I must have the only non-sticky rubber glue on the planet, on about the 3rd patch it appeared to hold enough so I re-assembled the wheel and pumped the tyre up, unfortunately I broke the pump (Snapped the handle) just as the tyre was getting to a workable pressure.

Thankfully it held enough for me to get back home.

I have now ordered a pair of 700 x 28 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres, another Frame pump and a load of inner tubes. I have not had a lot of success with the normal tyres and slime tubes, so I am going back to puncture resistant tyres!

The cycle computer showed 26.11 miles with an average speed of 14.5 mph. The actual route I did is here...


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