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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 166 (Sunday)

Well today as planned I went for my first cycle ride in a week :-)

First problem was what to wear? It was cold and foggy - so I opted for my new cold weather top, zip up jacket, cycling trousers, warm winter sock's and high vis jacket. And in the first 3 miles I was happy as the wind chill was biting.

Then I cycled up 'Old Derry Hill' and out of the fog and into bright sunshine, I instantly overheated and had to stop and take the High vis and zip up jacket off, I actually started to feel quite sick - cold air and I was so hot. I then cycled along for about another mile or two and I started to descend back into the cloud - I had to stop again and put the high vis jacket back on as the wind chill started to bite again!

At about 10 miles I started to notice my right tendon again :-( however It did not cause pain this time, perhaps I should have taken an easier ride for my first time back in a week!

I completed my 30 mile 'normal' ride as planned in a respectable 1 hour 49 minutes with an AVS of 16 mph. (Actually 29.21 miles)

I am a little concerned about the tendon issue! I had adjusted the cleat to my 'perfect' natural position. I am wondering - when I cycle my knees tend to cycle outwards slightly on the upstroke this could in theory be putting undue stress on the outside of my knee as I the put effort into the down stroke. I think I will have to seek professional advise now. I intend to contact a sports physiotherapist and have a consultation.


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