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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 142

I have been feeling really depressed all week....

I have gotten used to going out cycling and I really enjoy it, now I see my cycle time getting reduced by the weather and darker evening's.

I have also been getting concerned about my cycle times and the amount of traffic on the road, when its sunny and bright I feel confident but as it gets darker I get a bit concerned.

But this evening I feel a lot happier, wifey and I have looked and planed a whole lot of country road rides that keep me away from the traffic, all a little shorter than I am used to but still very challenging ;-)

Tonight I went out on one of the shiny new 10 mile routes and it was fun ;-)

I covered 9.89 miles in 38 min - The route has a massively steep hill on it that gets the legs working ;-)

So it looks like I will have some real evening cycle routes for the immediate future ;-)


Joy said...

Oh no!
Does that mean that Keving the Teenager will not be at work any more?

Good stuff!

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