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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 151 (Saturday)

Well today I did my third 100 mile ride and my first out of England ;-)

A couple of weeks ago I found out that there is a cycle way crossing the old Severn Bridge now the M48 and I was determined to have a cycle to Wales.

So I set off Chippenham > Castle Coombe > Yate > Alveston > Aust > Chepstow > Gloucester (Where I got lost ;-() > Stroud > Nailsworth > Tetbury > Malmsbury > Sutton Benger > Chippenham .... Route here...

I took some nice photies of the Old and New Severn bridge...

It was quite interesting for somebody as scared as heights as I am to cross the bridge so slowly and so close to the edge! When I stopped to take the photies you could actually feel the bridge move when large trucks were on the M48.

I had to stop to take a photy of the "Welcome to Wales" sign

Interestingly there was NOT a Welcome sign on the Cycle way?????

Just after Chepstow I had to take a photo of my return to England (I had only been in Wales for less than 10 miles)

I was overtaken by another cyclist when I took the picture, I rapidly caught up and overtook, then about 10 miles further on as I was changing down gears the chain fell off and I stopped to refit it and take my day glow jacket off as the sun had come out and I was starting to sweat a lot!

As I was stopped the guy overtook me again... Interesting I the A48 isn't exactly a nice place to cycle along unless you are heading from the Severn bridge to Gloucester. About 5 miles on I caught the guy up again and struck up a conversation, It was his first ride out and he had cycled from Cheltenham to The Severn Crossing and was on his return journey a round trip of about 70 miles, he had 1 500 ml water bottle that was empty and no food! I gave him the contents of one of my 500 ml bottle and suggested that he may want to carry a lot more water and some food to keep him going!

OMG I actually sound like I know what I am doing now!!!!!!

Problem was although I had 2 * 750 ml bottles and the Camel Back I was sweating a lot and Stroud has some very big hills, I ran out of fluid's myself and had to buy some Lucozade from a garage (2 * 750 ml Bottles)

When I got back home I would like to say it was an easy ride, but it was NOT! the side of my right leg has stiffened up (I think my right calf muscle is tight) Although I could continue further it would NOT be easy, I am very sleepy, tired and VERY hungry!

The amazing thing is that I know tomorrow the aches and pains will be gone and I will say I could do it again, I wonder what the cumulative affects will be over the 12 planned days of JOGLE?

Ohhh today I cycled 106.89 miles in 6 hours 41 min (Ride time) 7 hours (Elapsed) with an AVS of 15.9 mph


DaveTheA said...

I note the lack of comments; but you remain committed and continue to learn. Well done; I rode the bridge from St Athan to Halton in the mid 90's. I note the comment about how cool it is now. You must expect performance to drop with the temp; you must wrap up, especially protecting your legs.

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