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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 152 (Sunday)

As predicted I woke up this morning with NO aches or pains and could indeed have done another mammoth ride!

Instead we did the 'normal' Sunday morning house tidy :-) I then put 2 ham joints in a large pot and filled it with Cider ready to boil for tea.. (I am cooking Cider boiled honey roast ham for tea) .

Then Wifey, Rosie (Dog) and me cycled to Lacock, we had some lunch and cycle back home (9.6 miles). On return I made a Sherry - Cherry trifle (Using two Victoria sponges I made in the morning)

So today has been more of a tidy and cooking day than a cycle day.....But it was a realy nice ride with wifey and Rosie ;-)


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