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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 140

Got home at an OK time for a change! so got changed into more winter'ish cycling gear and went out for my normal 20 ;-)

Picy of me modelling my winter cycle kit (Thanks Dave ;-)

It was darned hard work (According to Bristol met office it was a 20 mph wsw wind) ! I did 21.45 miles in 1 Hour 20 min with an AVS of 15.9 mph I got back home just as it was getting dark. I think I only have a couple of week's of safe evening cycle time :-(

Wifey bought me a 'Elite Volare Mag Lite Trainer' today ;-) so I think when it arrives I will swap from real cycling on a Tuesday and Thursday to an indoor session. But keep going in the outside world on a Wednesday and Weekends (if it is safe to do so!)


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