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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 155

It was to dark to go out safely this morning :-(

So I switched to the winter midweek plan today.
The plan is I start work early and finish late and take an extra half hour before and after lunch and go for a mid-day ride.

So I stopped work at 11:30 and did my 'normal' 30, and I must say it was bloody hard work! I was fighting a head wind all the way to Avebury, the good thing was I was blown home the last 10 miles ;-)

It all fitted in rather well! I stopped work at 11:30 and was back at work at 13:30 having showered and changed ;-)

So today I cycled 29.15 miles in 1 hour 46 minutes with an avs of 16.3.

If the wind is any stronger than today then I will have to shorten the ride to fit it into the time I have available. But with luck I should be able to get out for 'Real' rides 3 times a week and restrict myself to Turbo training on the remaining evenings and if the weather is bad...

And thank you to work for allowing me the flexibility to work AND slot the cycling in.


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