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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 267

First work from home Wednesday of 2009, and it was cold! very cold

I stopped work at 11:30 and went out for my 'normal 25' , Lyneham had the temp at -0.2 Deg C and leaving the warm house for the cold outside was tough.

I was expecting to have to avoid the back roads due to icing but the ice was restricted to the verges and the road surface itself was safe.

The cycle computer had the journey as 25.62 miles with an average speed of 14 mph.

Part 2....
The chain was still jumping on the small rear sprocket so I brought the bike in and put it on the Turbo and disconnected the cable to the rear dérailleur (To remove any tension) then ensured the limit stop was set correctly, the chain does NOT skip under free-wheel only under load, under closer inspection the teeth appear to be heavily worn, so I have now ordered a new rear cassette.


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